Artwork Setup

Preparing Artwork Files for Printing



You can refer to this information to help you better prepare your art files for the best possible finished product without setbacks. It is often the case that just making a few easy changes to your existing artwork can help drastically improve not only the quality but also the turnaround time to receive your product. Follow these guidelines to help reduce potential problems, expedite delivery for your job and to help avoid any additional design fees.


We accept high resolution PDF, AI, or EPS files. To avoid art fees, it is easier to submit a file in a vector form. We can also work with JPEGs, TIFFs, and PSDs, but this may require an  additional art setup fee. We can only work with with these files if they are high resolution. If you need low resolution art recreated, our artist would be happy to assist you.


Please make sure that any fonts in your artwork are either embedded or converted to outlines/paths.


For our printing process we require that all colors are converted to spot colors or spot PMS. If your art is not in spot, we can convert it for a small fee.


If you are interested in PMS matching your artwork, there is an additional fee for each color matched. If you would like to use our bucket ink colors that we constantly keep in stock, please specify which you would like to use. There is no additional fee for using our stock bucket colors.


We also ask that your art is sent to us at the actual size you want your art printed. Measuring the shirts beforehand can give you a good idea of what size imprint needs to be made.


Please let us know if your art work needs to be underbased. This means putting a layer of white ink underneath all the colors in your design so that your print can really pop off your shirt. Not using an underbase makes the print feel softer and fade on shirts slightly- we call this style vintage. Just let us know which look you’re going for and we can help you determine which route to go.


Meeting all these criteria will ensure that your art gets processed as fast as possible! We hope you have found this information helpful. If you have any further questions, please contact our artist at 918.663.8339.