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All About that Base



What’s an underbase? What is it for? These are questions I hear a lot from our customers. What we call an underbase, or a base ultimately can change the final look of a print. It’s what makes the print either look bright and polished or faded and soft.


For printing we use two techniques. The first is our standard print or normal printing, and the other is vintage printing. Standard printing means you want your print to look bright and bold and really pop off your shirt. Vintage means you want a soft faded look that may blend with the shirt a little.


Most of our customers use standard printing, and here’s how it works. We take your art, and anything that is not in black (or dark colored) ink gets a layer of white ink underneath it. This creates a fresh canvas for the colors to really pop off of, think of it as a primer before you paint a wall. However, when using a lot of colors this can make your prints feel a little thicker to the touch.


With vintage printing, we print all colors directly on the garment, no white layer is used. This creates a semi faded look and the inks will pick up the color of the shirt behind it and blend into it slightly. This is great for really illustrative or distressed art. However, vintage does not mean your art will be distressed.


Hopefully this has helped you and given you a little more insight on what a base exactly does. If you still have further questions, please feel free to contact us at 918.663.8339.