Ecommerce for your brand

Ecommerce is going to be an extremely helpful and crucial tool for anyone starting a clothing brand - It gives you a streamlined ordering system and allows you to reach people all around the world giving your products a bigger platform to sell from.

Today we’ll discuss our 3 favorite options for Ecommerce.



Screen Shot 2018-10-02 at 12.04.07 PM.png

Squarespace is an incredible option for anyone looking to build a full website and have lots of easy to use customization features. Everything is easy to use and understand once you’ve spent just a little time in the backend and the award-winning templates make it really easy to great a great looking site without getting into the nitty gritty side of coding.
Squarespace has everything you need and is super plug-in friendly for anything you might need to add, and their online stores are top-notch.



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Shopify is another great option, but is especially good in our opinion for someone that’s looking more for the online store capabilities without all the other bells and whistles.
They have a seamless online shopping experience that also works extremely well with someone running a brick & mortar establishment.
Shopify allows you to sell online and also use it as a checkout in-stores which ensures your stock levels stay up to date since all your transactions are housed in 1 easy to use system.



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Storenvy is another great options for someone looking to sell online, but their biggest strength is that they’re essentially like an online mall.
You’re in charge of your online store and products, but they help promote your products with all their categories and Editors Picks.
They often have site wide specials that they invite store owners to participate in, which will send more shoppers your way.
Where Storenvy may lack in areas of customization and plug-in capabilities, it makes up for in generating foot traffic for your products.