Entrance / Front Desk:

The first thing you’ll notice when walking into Integriteez is the front desk and our sales representative, Kathryn.
She’s responsible for processing all orders, and is there to answer all your questions and help you complete your order and make sure you’re completely taken care of!





The showroom is perfect for those who are browsing options and want new ideas for custom goods. 

Our showroom is stocked full of all kinds of goods such as a wide variety of tees in all kinds of colors, polos, pullovers, athletic wear, headwear and much much more.

Drop in to check it out!



Art Room:

Our art room is where your vision comes to life, and our artist Daryl is there to make that happen. 

She is one talented artist, and has incredibly versatile skill in the creative field, and can help bring your vision to life whether you need a little help or a completely custom design. 



Screen Room:

Our screen room is one very special part of our operation - We have top of the line technology which allows us to put out some of the most high quality screens out there, which results in highly detailed printed images. 




Our print shop is fully loaded with 3 top of the line automatic presses, allowing us to get large orders done in record time. 

These machines and our print experts that operate them allow us to get your project done at incredibly competitive rates, with unmatched quality & service. 

Don’t worry, we also have a manual press for smaller runs! 




Our finishing services allow us to do take care of those tedious final steps for you so that your items can go directly where they need to which saves a lot of valuable time for our clients. 

We offer folding, tagging & bagging to accommodate all retail and e-commerce needs.




Our embroidery department is fully stocked and ready for your orders. 

We’ve sewn out our fair show of headwear, polos, bags and much more. 

We have a wide variety of colors, specialty options and an expert staff to ensure your job gets done right. 

We also offer stitching, so if you’re needing hem or care tags sewn into garments, we’ve got you covered there, too!